Are you serious about recovery?
Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Our residents are encouraged to not only pursue sobriety, but to further their education and improve their work skills.

Living Space

The Upper Room facility is structured like a dormitory, with shared rooms and community spaces. There is a kitchen with individual refrigerators, free laundry facilities, TV, exercise equipment and community lounges. It is handicapped accessible, and has on-site parking and bicycle storage.


Admission Requirements
  • Minimum of 30 days verifiable clean time required
  • No record of criminal sexual or violent behavior
  • Be open minded to accepting new ideas
  • Be willing to put in effort to create change
  • Clean drug and alcohol screening
  • Have an ability to get along with Others
Program Requirements
  • Meet regularly with case manager to work on progress and goals
  • Be available for daily service work within the church
  • Attend house meetings
  • Attend AA or NA meetings
  • Obtain (and use) a 12-step fellowship sponsor
  • Participate in religious services of choice
Additional Information

Base residential rent is $100/Week. Scholarships are availability based on need & availability of funds.

Residents furnish their food, toiletries, and laundry supplies. Residents must meet admission & program requirements.

Contacting Us

For more information, intake availability, please contact us right away. We truly want to help!


The Upper Room Recovery Community
Housed at First United Methodist Church
333 N Main St
South Bend, IN
(574) 904-4957

To apply, please download the below application and email to info@upperroomrecovery.org. After we receive this, the application will be processed. To continue the application process and for status, please contact:

Pamela Smith, Women’s Facility at 574-400-3519


Lawrence Vaughan, Men’s Facility at 574-229-2032

For me, I really needed time away from my old environment. I needed a place where people are in recovery and are serious about their recovery, a place where I could fit in and give my newly-found recovery a solid foundation.


I’m finally getting better. I'm moving forward.


Life is so much better. I had no idea the sweet life I could have.


My alcoholism was so out of control and so was my life. I had a loss of trust with people who cared about me. It’s devastating. How do you regain that trust?


I came here because of word of mouth about Upper Room. I’ve known about God most of my life, but I did not KNOW God.


I've learned a lot about myself through this process. My character has changed. It's not easy, but with help, I know I can do it. It is God's will, not mine.


The disease is arrested, not destroyed. Each day you have to decide whether you’re going to live or die – because it will kill you.


When you’re in the midst of addiction, you’re also in the midst of loneliness and isolation. It’s hard to shake off. Your defense mechanisms are like a coat that you put on.