Upper Room Recovery Community

Addiction recovery support in South Bend.

Upper Room Recovery Communities is a temporary supportive home for people who are in recovery from addiction. Our program connects holistically with other recovery programs as well as the local spiritual community and judicial system to provide a safe, encouraging, and welcoming environment to continue your recovery.

Coronavirus Update

The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes (COVID-19) are a risk to everyone, especially people in at-risk groups such as the eldery and people with chronic medical conditions, but there are things you can do to protect yourself. Stay at home for all but essential trips, maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet, and wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds each time.

We take the safety of our residents very seriously. We are regularly checking for symptoms, and working with local health authorities to form a quarantine and shelter-in-place plan in the event any of our residents start to show symptoms. 

Thank you for your support in this difficult time, and please take care of yourselves and each other. We’ll get through this together.

Immediate Help

The Upper Room is a second step in addiction recovery. If you need immediate help with addiction recovery click below.

Adjusting to life in sobriety is hard. It is even harder when the only place you have is the place that enabled your addiction, or when you have no place to go at all. Recovery takes root in places of safety and community. In a home that supports your sobriety.

When you need it most, the Upper Room is home.


The Upper Room Recovery Community operates on a referral basis. To find out more about our referral process, click here

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about making a referral, contact us at info@upperroomrecovery.org or call us at 574-904-4957.

Program Requirements

In order to succeed in our program, you’ll need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Meet regularly with case manager to work on progress and goals
  • Be available for daily service work within the church
  • Attend house meetings
  • Attend AA or NA meetings
  • Obtain (and use) a 12-step fellowship sponsor

Stories of Recovery

Follow what’s going on with the URRC, hear stories about people who have completed our program, and connect with the latest from our recovery community.

Support The Upper Room

Recovery Is The Work Of A Village

No one gets better alone, it takes friends, family, sponsors, networks, organizations and even strangers. Our work is the same. We would not be able to do what we do and help who we help without the support of our community. If the words of recovery are written on your heart, please join us.

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Upper Room Recovery Community is a proud partner with the United Way of St. Joseph County.


For me, I really needed time away from my old environment. I needed a place where people are in recovery and are serious about their recovery, a place where I could fit in and give my newly-found recovery a solid foundation.


I’m finally getting better. I'm moving forward.


Life is so much better. I had no idea the sweet life I could have.


My alcoholism was so out of control and so was my life. I had a loss of trust with people who cared about me. It’s devastating. How do you regain that trust?


I came here because of word of mouth about Upper Room. I’ve known about God most of my life, but I did not KNOW God.


I've learned a lot about myself through this process. My character has changed. It's not easy, but with help, I know I can do it. It is God's will, not mine.


The disease is arrested, not destroyed. Each day you have to decide whether you’re going to live or die – because it will kill you.


When you’re in the midst of addiction, you’re also in the midst of loneliness and isolation. It’s hard to shake off. Your defense mechanisms are like a coat that you put on.