"When an addict gets well, their family has the chance to be a family again,"

Every donation, large and small, has a rippling effect.

It not only helps a human being recover from their addiction, it helps their spouse. Their children. Their parents, siblings, friends and colleagues. Your donation can be a lifeline to entire families and communities. For that, for everything, we thank you.

Donate online using the secure form below:

For the same amount you spend on your favorite cup of coffee, you could provide a recovery guidebook for a resident.

A donation of $20 is enough for us to purchase a new set of sheets for a resident.

At $250, your donation can provide a resident who is struggling with finances an entire month in our program to work on adjusting to life as a sober person.

We rely on your support to continue helping people who have just climbed out of their addiction. Together, we can be the hand that helps them up.

Donations of groceries or gift cards are also very welcome. All donations are tax-deductible.

To arrange an in-person donation, call our office at (574) 440-3519.

Please mail all checks to:
The Upper Room
333 N. Main St.
South Bend, IN 46601

Thank you so much for your support!